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Merial Animal Health offers an array of specialist poultry equipment. We can supply:

For the hatchery-

Zootec is a pneumatic machine that ensures automatic vaccination of day-old poultry subcutaneously in the neck. The Zootec accepts any type of vaccines (water-based and oil-based).

Spravac is a coarse spray applicator designed for mass hatchery vaccination of day old chicks. This spray permits simultaneous vaccination in chick boxes at a rate of 40,000 to 60,000 birds per hour. Spravac free standing can also be adapted to most automated chick handling equipment in the hatchery.

For the field-

UlvaVac machines were designed specifically to administer live respiratory vaccines to poultry. The Ulvavac is an electric spray applicator that incorporates a spinning disc atomiser to control accurately spray droplet size. Spray droplets are dispersed in a turbulent airstream to ensure even distribution to all birds. Low spray volumes of 900ml are normally applied allowing operators to vaccinate up to 30,000 birds in 20 minutes.

Field SpraVac is a spray applicator developed specifically for poultry vaccination. The spray is capable of administering repeatable and accurate vaccine doses of the appropriate droplet size and is ideal for vaccination of day old chicks.

Socorex single and twin syringes are self-refilling syringes with spring loaded plunger and three-way valve system ideal for mass vaccination of breeder and layer pullets. Both models can be autoclaved fully assembled at 121°C for 20 minutes and are suitable for water or oil based vaccines.

Socorex single syringe model 187 can deliver accurate doses of vaccine from 0.1ml to 5ml.

Socorex twin syringe model 287 can deliver accurate doses of vaccine from 0.1ml to 5ml, allowing two different vaccines to be administered at the same time.

Disposable Gallimune Giving Sets are for inactivated vaccines and they allow producers to carry the inactivated vaccine from the bottles to the injectors.

Avian Drip Chambers are used mainly in hatcheries for transfer of vaccine from diluent bags to vaccinating equipment such as Zootec machines or syringes.
Bottle holders for holding inactivated vaccines in bottles during the vaccination procedure to help maintain vaccine temperature.

Merial can also provide Vac Pac Plus Stabiliser which is a water stabiliser that instantly neutralises chlorine and iron. It contains a blue dye to help prime drinker lines for vaccine administration and is available in single sachets or packets of 75 sachets.