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Cats' independence comes out in all they do, be it a late-night meow or an early morning cuddle.  Cats tend to create their own schedules at times, but at Merial, we know that regular visits to the vet and treatment are priorities.  That's why we have created this section specifically dedicated to the cat owner.

Merial is committed to providing quality products against fleas and ticks, infectious diseases, pain, and other conditions.

While cats usually seem as if they have everything under control, your cat's health is your responsibility.  All cats need regular veterinary care, a safe environment, proper nutrition, and of course a steady dose of attention.

Merial is a worldwide leader in the animal health industry.  Our extensive product line for cats includes everything from products that get kittens off to the right start to products that help adults continue to enjoy healthy lives.  They're all the result of decades of advanced clinical research and development.