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Housed Cattle United Kingdom

Heifers and steers treated with IVOMEC 1% Injection showed significantly more weight gain than those treated with a benzimidazole.
United Kingdom

Autumn Treatments: Five studies involved 111 mixed-breed cattle, including heifers and steers. In each study, cattle were taken off pasture, matched by weight, and allocated between two treatment groups:

  • Group 1 received IVOMEC 1% Injection
  • Group 2 was treated with a benzimidazole (BZ)

The cattle in each treatment group were housed in separate pens in each study; trial duration was from 128 to 161 days. The cattle treated with IVOMEC had significantly greater weight gain and average daily gain than those treated with a BZ (P<0.01).

Body Weight Gain Benefits of this Trial
Data from five studies comparing IVOMEC 1% Injection with a benzimidazole when treatments were administred at housing.

Ryan and Guerrero, 1987, Agri-Pract 8:32-34 and data on file