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Q. Why should I be concerned about fluke ?

A. It can seriously damage your cattle's performance. By damaging the liver it impairs feed efficiency and results in reduced conception rates, weight gains and body condition.

Q. What is the difference between IVOMEC Super Injection and IVOMEC Classic Injection?

A. IVOMEC Super is an endectocide injection which also contains an added ingredient (clorsulon) to kill fluke. IVOMEC Super is your choice for 3 in 1 control of fluke, worms and external parasites.

Q. Is treating for fluke as well as worms and external parasites the ideal solution ?

A. IVOMEC Super kills more types of parasites, including fluke, than any other injectable. As well as helping to make sure your cattle are clear of worms and lice and mange for the winter, IVOMEC Super is proven to control fluke throughout the winter with a single injection at housing, or 4-6 weeks later.

Q. Can EPRINEX be used in a 2 dose programme?

A. With long action against 11 species of worms, EPRINEX can be used in a 2 dose, 8 week-interval programme that best suits your farm. The ideal programme for autumn-born calves would be treatment at 3 or 4 weeks after turnout, with a second dose 8 weeks later.

Q. Can I use EPRINEX on wet cattle?

A. In trials performed on soaking wet cattle, after one inch of simulated rainfall in half an hour, EPRINEX continued to provide effective parasite control, whereas doramectin-treated cattle suffered a significant loss of efficacy after treatment.

Q. Why is IVOMEC the leading brand cattle wormer?

A. IVOMEC has been used for 20 years in the UK by many farmers who find that it has provided consistent results in the control of both internal and external parasites. Its high quality production, plus all the technical advice from many years of clinical trials, helps farmers to get the best results.

Q. How is EPRINEX different from IVOMEC?

A. EPRINEX is the new endectocide from Merial, developed by the scientists who discovered IVOMEC. It is based on a new molecule, eprinomectin, which gives it greater potency, killing even more species of parasites. This also means that EPRINEX is able to kill more worms for longer than any other pour-on. Other unique properties of the product mean that it is the only endectocide with a zero milk withdrawal period and it can be used in all weathers, including heavy rain.

Q. Why is IVOMEC Super, super ?

A. IVOMEC Super is the only wormer that kills fluke, as well as worms and external parasites in a single injection.