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Q. How economical is it to use IVOMEC Premix for internal and external parasite control?

A. Field experience has demonstrated that it generally costs less to use either IVOMEC© Premix or IVOMEC© Injection than it does to implement a conventional program consisting of an in-feed dewormer for internal parasites and potentially hazardous chemical sprays for external parasites. The labor reductions associated with IVOMEC Premix generally make it the most cost-effective treatment option for internal and external parasites. Producers should consult their veterinary surgeon for assistance in determining the best treatment program.

Q. What parasites does IVOMEC Premix control?

A. Internally, IVOMEC Premix controls gastrointestinal (including Ascovis ….) and lungworms. Externally, the product is effective against mange mites and sucking lice. In the UK IVOMEC premix in breeding stock is indicated for the following parasites: Gastro-intestinal worms Ascaris suum (adults and fourth-stage larvae) Hyostrongylus rubidus (adults and fourth-stage larvae) Oesophagostomum spp. (adults and fourth-stage larvae) Strongyloides ransomi (adults)* Lungworms Metastrongylus spp. (adults) Lice Haematopinus suis. Mange mites Sarcoptes scabiei var. suis *IVOMEC Premix for Pigs given to pregnant sows before farrowing effectively controls transmission via the milk of S. ransomi to piglets. Since louse eggs can take up to three weeks to hatch, re-treatment may be necessary. Since the effect of ivermectin is not immediate, avoid contact between treated and untreated pigs for at least one week after completion of the treatment programme. Exposure of treated pigs to infected animals, contaminated premises, soil or pasture may result in reinfection.

Q. What is unique about IVOMEC Premix for Swine?

A. Like IVOMEC Injection for Pigs, IVOMEC Premix controls both endo-(internal) and ecto- (external) parasites of swine, making it a true "endectocide". The premix formulation of ivermectin is the only in-feed product on the market that offers this dual control.

Q. How is IVOMEC Premix administered to swine?

A. It can be mixed in complete feeds - either mash or pellet form - or it can be mixed with diluted premixes.

Q. What is the recommended dose of IVOMEC Premix for breeding stock?

A. The recommended dose is 100mcg/kg body weight per day for seven consecutive days.

Q. How often should IVOMEC premix be administered to assure effective control of internal and external parasites?

A. All animals should be treated initially. Then gilts should be treated preferably 14-21 days before breeding and 14-21 days before farrowing. Sows also should receive IVOMEC Premix preferably 14-21 days before farrowing to minimise infection among piglets. Depending on their exposure to parasites, boars should be treated at least twice yearly. Alternatively all breeding animals should be treated in a blanket treatment every six months or as often as necessary. Maintaining good sanitation practices - such as keeping pens clean - remains an important part of any parasite control program.