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The Weight of Evidence - IVOMEC Pig Results


Superior Efficacy Against Mange Mites
Prof. Dr. J. Vercruysse and Dr. K. Smets, Belgium
IVOMEC® (ivermectin) Injection has been the drug of choice against sarcoptic mange in swine for the last 15 years. Successful control of the parasite through use of the product has been reported worldwide. The unique pharmacological characteristics of IVOMEC that make possible its impressive activity are reviewed. Also reviewed are dose confirmation studies in swine with IVOMEC Injectable and IVOMEC in-feed formulations and the criteria used to determine efficacy against Sarcoptes scabiei var suis.

Using IVOMEC to eradicate mange

Superior Efficacy Against Mange Mites

Programmes to Eradicate Mange
Dr. T. J. Ebbesen, Denmark
Broad-Spectrum Control of Worms
Dr. T. Bonner Stewart, United States
The broad-spectrum activity of ivermectin make it an ideal choice for the control of parasites encountered in pigs of all ages. Worms of major importance in pig production, their detrimental effects on performance, and results of trials conducted worldwide with ivermectin injectable and premix formulations are covered.

The Effect of IVOMEC on Gastrointestinal Parasites

Broad-Spectrum Control of Worms

Worldwide Productivity Results in Grower/Finisher and Adult Pigs
Colin Cargill, BVSc, Ph D, Australia
Parasites cause reduced productivity in grower/finisher pigs and breeding herds.
Although mange is the most important parasitic disease, lice and worms can also reduce growth rates and lower reproductive efficiency. The value of IVOMEC Injection and IVOMEC Premix to control parasites is assessed in field trials conducted in grower/finisher pigs, breeding herds and in sarcoptic mange eradication studies conducted around the world.

Worldwide Productivity Results in Grower/Finisher and Adult Pigs