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The Effect of IVOMEC on Gastrointestinal Parasites

Growers United States
United States

Treatment with IVOMEC Injection prevented the negative effects caused by gastrointestinal worms in growing pigs.
Ninety weanling pigs were assigned to 3 treatment groups on the basis of weight, sex and ancestry:

  • Group 1 infected, nontreated
  • Group 2 infected, treated with IVOMEC
  • Group 3 uninfected, untreated

Two groups of growing pigs were challenged with Ascaris suum, Oesophagostomum spp, and Strongyloides ransomi. The pigs in one group were treated with IVOMEC Injection 35 days later.
Pigs infected with parasites had reduced growth rate and feed conversion efficiency. The group treated with IVOMEC Injection had better growth rate than untreated pigs. The economic gain was US $3.55 per pig treated with IVOMEC over infected, untreated pigs.

Summary of growth performance data (kg) for pigs challenged with gastrointestinal parasite eggs before and after treatment with IVOMEC Injection.
Summary of growth performance data
*significantly better than pigs in infected, untreated group.

— Stewart et al, 1991